UK Retailers Floundering With Social Media

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Are retail brands effectively using social media to connect with customers?

We were keen to find out, so we did some research…and we’re launching the results today, with a free benchmark report, giving you all the juicy details:

We found that social media is being used by 42% of UK retailers, but they’re not very keen on expanding their activity across multiple networks, with only 12% using more than one form of social media channel to engage with their target audiences.

When it comes to the channels retailers are using, more brands have a presence on Twitter (26%) than Facebook (24%) despite the latter having been around for a lot longer and with far more users.  But what surprised us most was that the majority of brands with a social media presence are failing to tell anyone about it, with no links or references to their Twitter or Facebook pages anywhere on their websites.

Want to know more? Download our report which details the full results of our study, with lots of best practice guidelines to help your brand get the most out of social media. There are also over 60 handy tips for Twitter, Facebook, User Generated Content, Blogs and other sites like LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube that will help your business get ahead in this exciting new landscape.

And, if you’re one of the 58% of UK retailers with ecommerce solutions not already using social media for marketing, what’s stopping you? Entry costs are low, and the potential for spreading marketing messages virally through social media sites is high. Read our report and give it a try – and drop us a line on our Twitter, @dotCommerce, to let us know how you get on. logo

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