5 Key Factors To Cut Online Till Queues

hollySpeaking for myself, nothing winds me up more than queuing to pay in superstores. We’ve all been there, stuck in that grindingly slow queue, willing another checkout to open like a break of clear blue  in a dark sky of grey clouds!

So why do online retailers, who have the perfect opportunity to make the checkout experience as quick, convenient and painless as possible, so often squander this opportunity in their ecommerce solutions?

As impatient as I may be, I have yet to dump my basket on the floor and storm from a queue and out of an actual shop. And yet, online shoppers are highly likely to abandon their carts and drop out exactly as if they were storming out of the store if they find the checkout process to long, convoluted or unclear.

Interesting then to read in today’s Metro newspaper about a study by Moneybookers into how long it takes for online shoppers to check out of major sites.

The worst performing site was Very.co.uk, promoted by TV celeb’s Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton shop, which took an average of 6 minutes 45 seconds AND required shoppers to go through 11 steps before payment! The next two worse performing sites were Amazon and ASOS, says the report.

At dotCommerce we undertook a similar study ourselves in our Hitting the Checkout report. In it we analysed how 20 big name online shopping sites performed against our key success factors in their checkout and transaction funnel.

We looked at 5 key factors, including:

  • Use of integrated online payment
  • Choice and availability of delivery options
  • Data security and permission capture
  • Option to store payment details
  • Use of product recommendations and loyalty schemes

These key factors help to build shopper confidence and make the checkout process feel both speedy and trustworthy. Combining these factors with a checkout process that doesn’t test a shopper’s patience will help reduce a retailer’s abandoned cart rates and increase conversion rates.

To read more check out the full Hitting the Checkout report here.

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