Able To Buy From Your Mobile Phone? You’d Think So

Yet, it’s just not quite as easy as dotCommerce has discovered.

Our latest benchmark report, Hitting the Mobile Checkout, released today, asked a research panel to search, browse and buy from 12 top brand websites across 3 different smartphones, marking the 36  experiences against mobile best practice.

Of the 12 websites the research panel visited, only a third had a dedicated mobile site and 50% of those failed to load on an Android phone.

These results really impacted on the experience our research panel had. The brands with a mobile site occupied the top 4 positions within our league table, cementing the fact that to really give the customer a mobile experience they deserve whilst spending their hard earned cash with you, a dedicated mobile site will reward all parties concerned.

I’d like to buy please

In addition to the navigation and functionality aspect of the research, the consumer panel bought items from the websites. However, when we say bought, what we actually mean is attempted to purchase.

Our research panel couldn’t purchase on 11 out of 12 websites using the Blackberry, and didn’t complete a purchase at all with an Android smartphone.

The ability to purchase from an online store is a given by most and the rise in smartphone popularity has led to customers choosing to search, browse and purchase online using their mobile phones.

Recent figures (Kantar World Panel Com Tech October 2011) indicate that half of all mobile phone users have a smartphone and half of those are Android. Retailers need to cater for this growing market of mobile users.

The inadequacy of websites when used with a smartphone found by this report needs to be a wake up call to all website owners, and retailers in particular.

Luckily, mobile phones come with alarm clocks.

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