An Update From The DotMailer Fevelopment Front-Line

As we are now two-thirds into the year, with Christmas around the corner (well, almost – look out for the first bit of tinsel in the shops any day now!) I thought I’d publish a quick update on what’s changed in dotMailer since January 2011.

Read on for more detail of everything that has been happening.

What have we done?

In rough chronological order, we have:

What does the future hold?

Loads upon loads of more features and more coolness – far too many to list here. But coming really soon we have refined address book picking when sending a campaign (no more scrolling through multiple pages!).

The new QueryBuilder interfaceComing later on, we have an awesome set of changes to how querying and creating segments of addresses works (see right). We’re completely overhauling this side of the app (based, largely, on your feedback and requests).  Want to find out who’s never open one of your emails? Who opens all of your emails? Who’s clicked one link five times? Who’s been sent your last campaign and has a data field set to a particular value? It will all be possible by simply dragging and dropping.

You decide

If you don’t already know, it’s the feedback and suggestions from our users that largely drive the product.  Our support forum is an active place to advocate changes based on your usage; even if you don’t think you have any ideas, it’s worth popping along to read suggestions from others – as you can vote on things that you like the sound of.

On that note, if you want to be the first to hear about new updates, the Announcement forum is the place to be (you can subscribe to it, so you receive an email whenever something new is posted).  We also, of course, tweet our feature announcements – so if you’re not yet following us, do so (and watch out for the #dMmaint hash-tags).

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