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One platform – many different shipping calculations

Shipping can be a tricky thing to work out and the last thing to happen should  be you looking expensive because you’re asking your online customers to pay more delivery than they need to, or you swallowing the costs of delivery because your ecommerce platform doesn’t allow you to set flexible shipping rules.

All of our dotCommerce clients have different approaches to calculate their shipping costs, according to their products, how they ship and when.  For instance, one of our online shops selling shampoo will calculate their shipping costs differently to another of our shops selling snowboards.

The basic functions of global shipping is of course tailoring the cost depending upon the destination, added on to that you may want to add other rules such as quantity of items, price of the basket or even the combined weight of the items.

So dotCommerce’s new Global Shipping Provider will allow you to create complex rules based on

  • quantity
  • total price
  • total weight
  • discount applied
  • shipping address
  • nature of the products using their attributes, categories etc.
  • with of course free shipping rules!

dc shipping rulesFor instance, if you want to create a specific price for a basket above £30 and delivered to

America but want to set a different cost for Hawaii or Alaska, the Global Shipping Provider will help you do that.  If your items range in weight and you want to set higher shipping prices for your heavier items and then for different destinations, the Global Shipping Provider will easily allow you to initiate your pricing.

The combinations of criteria possible is endless. Get a login to the dotCommerce demo account and try it now for yourself. logo

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