Basket Case Or Basket Rules?

It happens to us all. The light bulb clicks on over the weekend, an amazing promotional offer or idea is born. You can’t wait to get into work to start the ball rolling. But, you get into the office, switch on your computer and the platform that seemed like it did everything you would ever need it to when you bought it just can’t easily and simply cope with the promotional offer you want to publish.

We don’t like to stifle creativity at dotCommerce, or make you spend the better part of a day or so trying to work out a complex work around, which is why ecommerce solution, dotCommerce has this nifty ‘basket rule builder’.

dc basket rulesThe Basket Rule Builder

The innocuous sounding Basket Rule Builder is really an amazingly infinitely configurable system which allows you to create almost any promotion you can possibly think of, by creating a set of rules. Want to give your customers a special offer? Create a Rewards scheme? Modifiy the order before they check out? The Basket Rule Builder does this for you, based on the contents of your shoppers cart.

The exclusive deal

Some promotions may not be available for all, dotCommerce will only show a promotion to those who meet the criteria you’ve set for the promotion or of course the promotion will be shown to all your visitors. You may want to start the promotion for people who have a particular value or above in their basket, or only offer this promotion 20 times, or limit the number of times a customer could use this promotion. The possibilities are endless.

Will it work? Have I set the right rules?

Never fear, we believe in testing so all your Basket Rules can be tested until the cows come home on your dotCommerce dev site. You get to publish your special offer safe in the knowledge it’s not going to spiral out of control, apply the wrong discounts or break and annoy your customers, jeopardising their next visits and purchases to your site.

Will it look good?

Of course! The Basket Rules Builder links up with your images, either a promotional banner or a product image, so your customers are encouraged to buy and know what they’re buying! You can add messages for customers so they know that they’ve had the discount applied  and why.

And of course you can limit the number of promotions any one customer can apply to their basket.

Want to see just how easy and flexible it is and what the Basket Rules Builder can do? Get a log in to the dotCommerce demo account and try it for yourself. logo

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