Can Email Newsletters Be Sexy?

When you think about email newsletters, does the word sexy spring to mind? No? Didn’t think so. However, to stand out in increasingly noisy and cluttered inboxes, newsletters need to be visually stimulating and well designed as well as content rich.

Nowadays, businesses and brands need to be sending newsletters that pack a double punch, delivering both style and substance.

It’s surprising how many bad examples pop into my inbox week in, week out. In today’s post I’m going to share 3 of the sexiest emails I’ve seen recently.

If you’re in need of some design inspiration, this post just might do the job.

Give Blood:

Why it works:

Give Blood Email Marketing Campaign


The striking imagery and a compelling first line really grabbed my attention. I also like the way that the email isn’t too text heavy, they use short sentences and bullet points help to capture and keep the interest of their recipients.

I’m also a fan of the use of bold typeface and sub-headers that make individual aspects of the email stand out. They’ve used dividing lines and space to help distinguish one content section from another.

This email doesn’t make you work to find out what the call to action is, clever use of white space around the content allows the eye to rest and makes the calls to action more prominent.

I also like the fact that this email has one main message, but lots of calls to action. This provides lots of opportunities (and choice) for the reader to click-through. For bonus points they’ve also put two social sharing buttons at the top of the message; they haven’t gone overboard and listed every social network like some brands do. They’ve clearly thought about the networks that this content works well with and they know that this is the type of content that people will share because it makes them feel like they’re helping a cause.


Apple Email Marketing Campaign


Why it works:

This email is visually stunning, but would you expect anything less from the creators of the iPhone? The text has been kept to a minimum, this encourages recipients to click through to a landing page for more information.

Apple have made it clear what they want the reader to do by including a simple but attractive call to action.

The Apple logo is also inconspicuous but visible, it blends in with the email design.


Tommy Hilfiger Email Campaign


Why it works:

Tommy Hilfiger have made it easy for recipients to share this email socially by including social media links prominently in a contrasting colour bar at the bottom of the email.

They’ve also added links to key product categories at the top of this email to encourage clicks to relevant pages on their website.

They’ve cleverly placed the first call to action ‘above the fold’, promotions nearer the top of the page often get significantly more clicks than the lower ones and Tommy Hilfiger evidently know this.

Contrasting colours help to separate content and product ranges and again, as with Apple, their logo is unobtrusive and sits well with the design of the newsletter.

Which business or brand have you received the best looking email from lately? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to see some more examples of well designed sexy emails! logo