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Tink Taylor

Being repeatedly caught out by the downpours of our great British summer these last weeks, prompted me to revisit the experience of my right royal day out last month.

On 7th July I was lucky enough to be invited to the Queen’s Garden Party, in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Another day, another guest list!

Interestingly that afternoon, I discovered that the Queen seemingly has the power to control the weather.

On a day that was reported as seeing the worst weather in the history of the Queen’s garden party, I can confirm that it was indeed raining cats and corgis.

However, a royal intervention saw the torrential rain abruptly stop the moment the Queen and Prince Philip came outdoors for their traditional walkabout and meet & greet. Eerily, as soon as the Queen was undercover again, the heavens reopened – this time with hailstones, thunder and lightning.

Happily I took refuge in the refreshments tent and got stuck into the cucumber and mint sarnies!

Whilst not actually meeting the Queen or Prince Philip, I was within earshot of them both, and of a nice little faux pas that Philip let slip (ask me another time and I’ll tell you) and I did get formally introduced to His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.

Introduced as ‘Tink Taylor of dotMailer, who do ‘Internet Marketing’’, the Duke quickly replied ‘Internet Marketing… do you mean E-bay?’ I explained I wasn’t from E-bay and that email marketing was a ‘slightly’ different thing.

However the conversation quickly turned back to online shopping and ecommerce. It seemed the Duke and his family, though he was reluctant to say so at first – had a bit of a penchant for internet shopping – particularly himself, for buying digital cameras online.

And quite rightly too – online shopping can’t be beaten when it comes to offering choice, information and value for technology lines like cameras.

Now I had him on the subject, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do some royal field research and find out what makes a Duke choose one ecommerce site over another, over and above the price.

We talked about the various influencing factors that a retailer can use on their online shopping site and I promised him that by coincidence these are all covered in our very latest ecommerce benchmark report called ‘Hitting the Checkout’ – available to download from dotCommerce, our sister ecommerce company.

We shook hands and said goodbye, and just as I returned to the refreshment tent I noticed the Queen slipping back inside the Palace and the dark storm clouds beginning to shower the grounds again. Quite a reign! logo

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