#Emailhuddle April – Email In 2012

With the very first #emailhuddle fast approaching (register your interest here) we thought it was a good time to look at the topics we’ll be covering this time round.

What is #emailhuddle? It’s our effort to bring the email community together once a month and discuss key topics, share best practice tips and work our way through a healthy debate about how campaigns should be executed.

So what will we be discussing on the 25th of April? Well, the theme is email in 2012 – something you should all be increasingly familiar with by now…

Discussions could cover the following:


  • What’s your key tip for email on mobile?
  • What percentage of opens do you see on email?
  • How should you optimise for mobile?


  • How much of a threat is social media for email marketing?
  • How do you get people to share email content on social channels?
  • Which social channels work out best for you with email?


  • What has the impact been of the iPad on tablet opens?
  • How much consideration do tablets require?
  • How is the email experience different on tablets?
  • How should you adapt your emails for tablets?

We’ll be focussing on the following areas and look forward to seeing a few familiar faces!

To tune in, just follow the #emailhuddle hashtag in your Twitter client of choice and signupattheofficialtweetvitehere.



3pm GMT Wednesday 25 April


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