Generating Loyalty Online

Retaining customers can be quite tricky online. Online retail is predominantly about price. The accessiblity of different stores all in one place makes it easy to check prices between different stores, not even considering the abundance of price comparison sites. You may have the best price and value, remember value is not just price, but next time around when that customer is searching for something else you sell, or to repeat purchase, someone else may offer better value than you.

We’re not advocating continually dropping your price, you wouldn’t make any money and you could easily join the wealth of high street stores which over the past years have fallen into administration. Choosing who to purchase with online is a matter of value which includes service, delivery, and product information to name a few elements as well as price.

In our role offering ecommerce consultancy, we like to advise our clients to give your existing customers a reason to return, and make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Sounds easy, but not always as easy as it sounds without constantly running promotions.

Amongst other activities, dotCommerce offers 2 features which can dramatically impact on your returning visitors.

1. Loyalty Schemes

2. Member Pricing

Muscle Finesse Member & Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty schemes are in abundance on the high street and everyone is a member to at least one, if not ten, but loyalty schemes are less popular online.  They shouldn’t be and you shouldn’t be choosing an ecommerce provider who doesn’t have one or who can’t integrate with an external scheme.

Loyalty schemes:

  • Rewards members for purchase
  • Encourages them to choose your store over another store with the same price and delivery offering
  • Encourages stronger interaction between your brand and your customers

Member Pricing

Member pricing allows you to offer preferential prices on your site to customers who hold an account with you. When they’re logged in, all the prices will update to show their price. Different levels of membership can have different pricing discounts, and with dotCommerce, the level of membership can change month to month depending upon the amount they spent in the previous month!

Member pricing helps reward increased spending and change a customer’s behaviour to favour your online store over other channels.


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