How To Track Email Campaigns In Google

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Our techies have made tracking the success of your dotMailer email campaigns in Google Analytics even easier

dotMailer’s new Google Analytics tracking feature automatically uses the campaign settings you determine when setting up your email marketing campaign to create a tracked Google Link.

google analytics source details

When you click the ‘Track my campaigns using Google Analytics’ box, dotMailer automatically creates the following link content.

Source = dotmailer

Medium = email

Campaign = ‘campaign name’ that you specify when setting up your campaign in dotMailer

Ad Content = ‘link name’, the name you gave to the link when creating the link in the dotMailer editor

To set Google Tracking up in your dotMailer account

  • Log into your account
  • Click on Campaigns
  • Click on Advanced Features and then the Site analytics tab
  • Choose and Save
  • The next time you send a campaign, the Google tracking will be activated!

By selecting this option, you’ll be able to query your Google Analytics data to gain a greater understanding of how your email recipients react after receiving your email campaigns. You can report in this way across all your dotMailer campaigns, individual campaigns and even right down to individual links.

In your Google Analytics account, choose Traffic Sources form the left hand side of the page, then choose Campaigns. he you will see all the dotMailer campaigns you have selected to be tracked.

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