Introducing The DotMailer Watchdog

It’s been a long time coming but last night we released the dotMailer Watchdog. He’s mostly harmless and there for everyone’s protection. What he’s not, however, is a fresh invention.

For almost two years, he’s been gathering data about all the customer lists that are uploaded into dotMailer and watching how that data has performed. If an address has hard bounced, or a contact has ever clicked the “report spam” button in Hotmail, he’s stored and remembered that information.

Having been watching for two years, the dotMailer Watchdog has made over 4 quadrillion checks on uploaded data lists – that’s 4,000,000,000,000,000! All those checks have enabled the dotMailer Watchdog to create a complex, intelligent algorithm which predicts and hunts out any suspect data and stops dotMailer sending to the contact list.

We suspend you from sending to these suspect contact lists as sending may harm your delivery and your sender reputation with ISPs. By stopping you sending to the list before a member of the dotMailer data team has got in touch and your data has gone under investigation, the dotMailer Watchdog is protecting your reputation and deliverability.

There are thousands of lists uploaded to dotMailer each and every day, so it’s pretty unlikely to see anything other than the dotMailer Watchdog smiling back at you, with you safe in the knowledge that yours and our sending reputation is being protected. logo

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