Next Time You Go Shopping, Go Swapping

big swap 1This Tuesday, dotAgency’s latest microsite venture with the Fairtrade Foundation went live, in advance of Fairtrade Fortnight which kicks off officially on Feb 22nd.

Fairtrade Fortnight is all about raising the public’s awareness of Fairtrade products and actively encouraging people to make a commitment to switching some of their buying choices to Fairtrade ones.

Targeting this objective head-on, the campaign microsite we launched for Fairtrade this week is called ‘The Big Swap’.

Go shopping, start swapping

‘The Big Swap’ online campaign encourages users to register on the big swap 2microsite, and make an online commitment to swapping some of the stuff they normally buy, for Fairtrade stuff.

At the heart of the microsite is the “swapometer” which displays in units all the online swaps that have been pledged – with the names of the respective swappers.

It’s a fun site that is packed with engaging content and practical information to help users switch their brands to Fairtrade brands. By registering, users can also opt in to Fairtrade’s emailing list and general news list.

Faitrade recruited the web design agency services of the three firms to deliver this project and the team at  dotAgency worked alongside Lingobee and Wieden + Kennedy to create the site.

We think the final outcome is great and proof that 3rd sector organisations can ask for participation, involvement and advocacy in different and creative ways that really resonate with ordinary people.

The target number of swaps by the end of Fairtrade Fortnight on March 7th is one million and one.

Be a part of helping Fairtrade reach their target by going to logo

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