SEO To Help Google Find You On YouTube

Video content sharing and video blogs on destinations like YouTube is more popular than ever, and offers businesses and organisations important opportunities for sharing their messages, building their brands and raising their search engine profiles.

When it comes to search engine optimization for video postings, you need be sure you optimise the Title, Descriptions and Tags for each video, using your key search terms.

You-Tube-Small-Image1One aspect of search engine optimization for video that you may not have considered is “subtitles”.

Although Google and other major search engines have not released confirmation that they are now indexing subtitles,  they are regularly appearing on more and more videos across the web.

Video content is notoriously difficult for spiders to index. But consider the fact that Google owns You Tube and it becomes a safe bet that this these indexing issues will improve.

It’s also a safe bet that video subtitles will become part-and-parcel of the standard algorithm criterion, maybe sooner rather than later.

What’s in it for you?

By captioning or sub-titling your media, you can provide search engines with a further opportunity to index and understand that video’s content. And because it’s generally accepted that search engines rely heavily on contextual elements for their indexing, subtitles can only help with placing your videos’ meta data into context.

As an added benefit, by captioning your media it opens up the content in that video to people with a difficulty in accessing audio. An example is seen here in one of our client’s videos for USN. Your SEO agency should be able to do the same subtitling for you.

Some may consider subtitles a time consuming process. The time and resource for transcribing audio content is a factor especially if you type slowly.

I’d rebut this objection with one question. “What is the reason for placing that media online?” If the answer is “because it is business critical or valuable,” you may well want to consider options for subtitles.

This is a developing space so consider giving your media the best chance for indexing and SEO benefits and take the added advantage of allowing those with hearing difficulties an opportunity to understand your message. Current statistics from RNID place this figure at nearly 9 million in the UK alone.

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