PowWowNow Tips On How To Save Your Business Money

It’s always nice when your customers start spontaneously recommending you to the world – something which social networks like Twitter have made far more common, regular and immediate!

But it’s even better when the recommendation comes as part of a full, helpful and informative blog post talking about Top Tips for Saving Your Business Money. It just so happens that when PowWowNow put together this list, it used dotMailer as the prime suggestion for email marketing software.

A fine recommendation we’re sure you’ll agree!

Here’s an extract to whet your appetite but head over to the PowWowNow blog for the full piece, excerpt  below.

When times get tough, we tighten our belts and think that cracking down on unnecessary expenditure can be the difference between failure and survival. However true this may be, it often results in company’s cutting corners.

And so, it’s with that in mind, we have decided to list our top ten ways make your business more efficient without sacrificing a single inch quality. They work for us, so be sure to let us know whether they work for you!