4 Lessons For Weather-Proofing Your Site

saleI found some great research released by GfK NOP this week on netimperative.

It seems the ‘big freeze’ we all suffered through after Christmas has taken its toll on high street sales.

Half the adult population surveyed for the report said they stayed away from the high street sales because of the snow.

The good news for retailers is that more than one in 4 shoppers switched to the internet to do their shopping during this period.

4 key lessons to learn for ‘weather-proofing’ your ecommerce site

1. The convenience of online shopping makes this channel weather potentially weather-proof. So weather-related dips and lows can be effectively smoothed out by larger retailers who can anticipate and react to these dips by increasing marketing activity to channel their customers online.

2. Customers who switch to online shopping  may not show the same store loyalty as they do on the high street. Shoppers are more likely to search differently online than they do when walking through a shopping mall.

When online they search by goods and services rather than by store. So the importance of effective search marketing presence is critical for retailers who want to catch the ‘switchers’.

3. This switch to online provides smaller, niche retailers with an opportunity to get a piece of the cake that they wouldn’t otherwise have had, by using sharply targeted SEO to cream off highly product-focussed customers.

4.  The sale ‘fever’ that high street stores can generate in periods like the January sales, needs to be translatable onto the online shopping experience. Dump bins, sale racks, and the rush when the doors open can all be simulated using a decent ecommerce solutions provider.

As consumers’ trust in online shopping continues to grow, retailers who follow these steps can help to weather-proof their sales against the ravages of the great British Winter.

Now that’s a warming thought.

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