Some Much-Requested Changes And New Feature Releases In DotMailer

We’ve been collecting a lot of user feedback over the last few months, both through our new features forum, and our day to day conversations with dotMailer users.

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve taken action. As a result, we have a stack of great new features and changes to your dotMailer accounts, due to go live after Easter.

Here’s a quick heads-up on the the changes you’ll soon be seeing:

Changes to the dotMailer Reporting pages

We’ve re-shuffled the reporting screens and added new usability features and functionality to help make reporting even more user-friendly.

Changes you’ll find in the dotMailer reporting pages:

  • When you apply a filter, all the reports will now be visible in their filtered state, including Hot Spot Report, Bouncebacks and Print Report.
  • Free email client analysis and reporting – displays top 5 email clients – free of charge. (Enterprise users can view full email client report).
  • Quick links to the key reporting tools and a bigger, bolder Filtering button.

New feature – Dynamic Reply Addresses

Now you can personalise your campaign Reply Address, and segment who your email replies go to.

dotMailer will still filter your replies to remove Out of Office messages and bouncebacks, but you now have the option to forward replies to individual account managers or sales reps, for example.

Just use the @fieldname@ personalisation in the ‘Optional Forwarding Address’ field on the Campaign Setup page.

Changes to Contact Management

We’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes to the way you can manage contacts and address books in dotMailer.


Call your Account Manager on 0845 337 9170 if you’d like more information on any of these new releases. logo

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