Talkathon Spreads The Word

Talkathon 2I was interested to see Treehouse’s latest online campaign, critiqued in the Third Sector Digital Campaign of the week.

Treehouse is the national charity for autism education, and has launched a virtual talkathon to get increased public understanding of autism.

Supporters can choose one of five speech bubbles stating facts about autism and post the message on their Twitter or Facebook feed:

The Talk about autism website adds to the campaign, giving people the opportunity to watch videos of celebrities and people affected by autism and to post their own story.

The success of the campaign is measured by the number of people talking – displayed on a wall on the site.

It’s an engaging campaign that makes it easy for anyone to get involved by using social media within a few simple clicks. I’ve just added a speech bubble myself. But the challenge for Treehouse must be how to get first time campaigners like me involved beyond posting a speech bubble?

A tough question faced by many charity awareness campaigns and one which a charity’s website design agency needs to address through enabling follow-up email communications and on site messages.

However Talk Talk who is sponsoring the campaign will donate £1 for each speech bubble added, so I have done my bit helping not just raise public awareness but also money for the charity. Charity campaigns should always have a fundraising edge. logo

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