Turning click-throughs into actions

If you use email marketing campaigns to drive traffic, then we need to talk two words – ‘landing pages’.

Your landing pages can have a tremendous impact on the success rate of your email marketing.

And to maximise your results, the key is not to click your recipients through to your homepage.

Homepages are designed to be all things to all people. Your homepage won’t convert your click-throughs into actions in the way that a dedicated landing page can.

Catapulting a clicker to the website’s homepage generally fails to deliver on the promise in the email’s call to action.

Yet in a recent study, 17% of email marketing campaigns surveyed landed recipients on the homepage.

The problem is that you have just a matter of seconds to grab and focus your visitor’s attention on the offer and the call to action that your email initiated.

In this respect the homepage can be confusing. The solution is to create a landing page that is unique to the email campaign you created.

Follow through

In a recent survey, 29% of B2C companies were found to post landing pages that didn’t match the email, compared to 41% of B2B companies.

So many email marketers are clearly missing opportunity here.

Your landing page should be all about follow-through. If you have a special promotion, proposition or ‘hook’ in your email, this should be the basis of the headline on your landing page.

Don’t drown the visitor with text and information – use bullets, headers and white space.

Allow the page to ‘breath’ and focus the visitor’s attention on the message, links and calls to action.

A single landing page may not be enough

Sending your visitors to relevant “Landing Pages” is great a step in the right direction.

But it may not be enough to maximise your conversion rates, and turn leads into sales.

If your target market needs more information than one web page can offer before they decide to convert, then you should consider using a dedicated, multi-page “Landing Site”.

A landing site is a targeted “mini site” specifically designed to optimize your online marketing visibility, conversions, sales and even referrals.

It is designed to lure those who may be on the fence to take action and convert.

You can use a landing site to run all the bells and whistles, including testimonials and case studies, high impact visual presentations in flash or video, helpful tools, money back guarantees, and even a viral element.

To find out more about how the dotMailer creative team can help you with landing pages and microsites, call us on 0845 337 9193.

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