What’s Cooking In The DotMailer Lab?

“So what’s cooking….?”

That was the question I asked our Head of Product Development this week.

I was excited you see,  to hear more about some of the super-cool new features dotMailer developers are working on in their lab down on the 16th floor.

“Do things cook in a lab?” he asked, “or do they brew”?

Semantics, I know! But the answer was (and is) that in the dotMailer lab, things are very definitley cooking!

So here’s my chance to give you a taster of some of the latest features, tools and enhancements that our dotMailer developers are working on in the lab right now, and that will be appearing in your app in future releases:

A brand new, radically redesigned , ‘drag & drop’ query builder tool

Here’s the big one. We’ve taken our query builder tool (a tool that was already pretty easy to use compared to those of other ESPs) and gone right back to the drawing board with it.

The objective –  to create a query builder that lets dotMailer users create as highly targeted and complex data segments as they want, really really easily!

What can we expect?

A powerful, flexible data query tool that requires no understanding or previous experience of query logic. It’s a highly visual and intuitive tool. You’ll be able to build simple or complex queries, simply by dragging and dropping query elements into your query.

There’ll be a query template library with lots of pre-built queries that you can customise in seconds. All the query elements you’ll need are in plain English so you won’t have to get your head round any nerdy logic terms or mathematical stuff.

So basically, it’s going make mining your database and building laser-targeted data segments, as easy as using LEGO!

Complete revamp of dotMailer’s Inbox Preview tool

The Inbox Preview tool is great for ‘proofing’ your emails in multiple different inboxes before you hit SEND.

Always looking to take a good thing and make it even better, down in the dotMailer lab the team is completely revamping our Inbox Preview tool.

Shiny new features will include:

  • Mobile device inbox previews including iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Two free inbox tests for every campaign you send
  • The ability to only select and test the inboxes you want to test
  • New markup tool that lets you post and share comments on any previews that show issues, and forward these to your designer or web team for fixing
  • Inbox preview testing for dynamic content and split test content

New overview dashboard

Our developers are busy creating a great new dashboard to replace the current Overview screen in your dotMailer account.

The new dashboard will show you at-a-glance your campaigns in progress, recent sends and your average lastest monthly stats, including your particular industry averages for you to compare and benchmark against.

dotMailer white labelling tool

Soon, white labelled dotMailer clients will be able to change the look of the interface themselves – choose background colours, upload logo, change button colours etc – making white labelling dotMailer even easier and more flexible.

New ‘Forward to Friend’ and ‘Unsubscribe’ pages

We’re making these landing pages look really nice – all part of adding to your recipients’ positive experience of being in your email message channel.

Self service online payment

Once the techies have done their magic here, you’ll be able to pay for your dotMailer license, email sends and upgrades online, with a credit card – for instant gratification!

dotMailer’s EasyEditor due to come out of beta testing  next month

Our loveable, huggable, blinking brilliant drag & drop template editor has been in beta testing for several months now. You’ve loved it, and we’ve worked hard to make it even better and ready for full release – and we are very nearly there!

My advice? Subscribe to this blog using the button at the top right to follow the progress of these new dotMailer developments from the lab to the app. And remember, if you have any suggestions for new email marketing features you’d like to see in dotMailer just post a thread in our features suggestion forum.


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