Why 2+2=5 For Search ROI

Recent US results released by SearchIgnite suggest that multi-channel retailers increased paid search spend by 12% in Q4 2009 from Q4 2008.

That’s a fourth straight quarter increase by retailers since SearchIgnite began tracking these statistics.

It wasn’t just the retail sector that demonstrated growing investment in search marketing. In December 2009 non-retail marketers increased their paid search by 12% year-on-year – the first marketing increase in paid search across all verticals since August 2009 (0.6%).

As with most spend trends, the UK is sure to follow suit.

So where should you be investing your search budget in 2010?

balance imageAt dotSEO, we advise clients to take a balanced approach to the allocation of their search budget.

A well managed PPC campaign combined with a brilliantly optimised site should deliver your best returns.

In this case, 2 plus 2 can equal at least 5.

PPC can deliver results fast and offers flexibility to tweak, optimise and measure campaigns and key words quickly, support short term promotional offers and respond to market conditions.

Conversely, great organic results for competitive keywords (non-branded terms) can only be achieved through an approach that is consistent; protective of organic search positions, as well as inclusive of all the on-page and off-page optimisation factors that impact search engine optimization.

Every business wants their listing within the golden triangle at position number one for organic search. Your SEO agency should brief you that this takes time and a committment to prioritise and invest marketing spend. In the medium and long term it can pay outstanding rewards.

healthcheckIf you’re not sure where to start, we can help with a complementary SEO optimisation report http://www.dotseo.co.uk/healthcheck

Just fire us your No.1 keyword and we’ll research your site, competitors and offer some invaluable SEO advice.

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