23% Of Marketers Unsure About SEO Benefits

At dotSEO, our approach to search engine optimization has always been straightforward – we aim to demonstrate to our clients exactly why search engine optimization is important for them, and to show how intensive on-site and off-site SEO activities can dramatically affect their Google rankings and really have a major business impact.

But we’ve always felt that the search engine optimization industry itself isn’t helping to educate businesses. Too often SEO agencies shroud their techniques in mystery as a dark art, not within the reach of ordinary marketers.

Today we’ve released the findings of a major new search engine optimization survey revealing the attitudes and opinions of marketers at small and medium sized business (SMEs) and it really backs up our findings.

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The survey shows that nearly a quarter of marketers still don’t know much about search engine optimisation (SEO), despite Google being the first port of call for most of us when surfing the web.


There are lots of eye-opening stats in the report, along with over 30 tips and practical guidelines for improving your search engine optimization, and we’ll be pulling these out in future blog posts, but I thought I’d highlight some of the key findings here as well.

Along with our survey findings, the report includes the results of a new SEO benchmark study we conducted. We took the 50 fastest growing SMEs in the UK and analysed their websites to see how effectively they were optimised for Google natural search.


SMEs avoiding the simple SEO steps

The dotSEO benchmark study found that the majority of SMEs are failing to take simple steps on their sites to improve search engine rankings

SMEs were generally getting the more basic search engine optimization on-site requirements right with, for example, 76% using heading tags in titles on their homepage and 64% using meta descriptions to give a good summary of the site.

But in other crucial areas the results were poor, with only 28% using relevant keywords on their site, just 22% of page titles beginning with a keyword and only 44% having a clearly visible sitemap.


Win six months free SEO worth over £7,500!

As part of our ‘Naked SEO’ campaign to demystify natural search marketing, we’re giving every firm that downloads the report the chance to be entered into a prize draw. The winning firm will get six months free search engine optimization with a dotSEO Professional SEO agency package worth over £7,500.

We’ll openly chart the progress of the winning company on the dotDigital Blog to help demystify the search engine optimization process even further. To enter the prize draw, just download the report from http://www.dotseo.co.uk/nakedseo

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