5 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter Lists

Twitter is a great tool that can be a powerful part of your marketing mix. For many brands who only joined this year, it’s still new and relatively unknown. But the arrival of Twitter Lists in October brings even more opportunities for marketers that will excite even the most hardened Twitter veterans.

In a nutshell, Twitter Lists provides a way to create lists of Twitter accounts, making it an easy way to share the Twitter users you find useful or interesting with others. Other people can then subscribe to your List and if they do, all the accounts included will appear in their feeds.

Many marketers are looking for ways they can use Lists to add value to marketing campaigns. Here are five recommendations we came up with on how Lists can be used:

1. Follow industry lists

Keep on top of marketing trends and news by following industry lists, like Email Marketing or Email Marketing UK IE . Things move fast on Twitter, and Lists can help you find the people that will keep you in the loop

2. Find users with niche interests

Do you market to particular interest groups? Discover Lists of new Twitter users to follow in niche markets, like Orchestras or Bird Watchers. You can then follow the feeds to keep on top of the latest news and ensure your marketing content is timely and relevant

3. Create your own Lists

Use Twitter Lists to create your own resource of Twitter accounts and then share them with your target audience as a way to offer them more information. Recommending Lists to follow also puts you in the position of being an industry expert

4. Use the Lists API

This will bring meaningful, real-time Tweets to your own website, and incorporating Twitter Lists to your site could be another way to encourage users to click through from your marketing messages.

5. Show some respect

You can use Twitter Lists to recognise and promote your existing customers, clients or partners. This can act as a list of references for potential customers, a way to give kudos to partners or just as a way for letting clients know how important you think they are.

Twitter Lists is still a relatively new feature and we’re discovering new benefits every week. How are you using Twitter Lists to maximise your marketing efforts and reach out to your customer base?

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