Are you registered as a Data Controller?

You could risk prosecution if you fail to notify.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has successfully prosecuted ten organisations this year alone for failing to notify as a data controller. It costs just £35 per year to notify with the ICO, yet fines and costs are in the region of £700 – £1000.

Under the Data Protection Act most organisations who hold personal data are required to notify with the ICO that they are holding personal data. There are some exemptions so if you’re not sure whether this applies to you, contact the ICO Notification Helpline on 01625 545 740.

Mick Gorrill, Assistant Commissioner at the ICO, said: “The Data Protection Act ensures that people’s personal information is properly processed and protected. Notifying as a data controller under the Data Protection Act is an important obligation for all organisations which process personal information.

The Information Commissioner’s Office stands ready to use its powers to prosecute the small minority of businesses that flout the Act by failing to notify with the ICO.”

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