Create Landing Pages In Seconds With The DotMailer Site Builder

This is part of a series of posts drilling down into specific features of dotMailer, what they are and how to use them. Check out our last one on using address books effectively!

These days, with so many opportunities out there, the ambitious digital marketer can often find themselves running up against a brick wall when it comes to internal resources.

However, with email marketing, it is crucial that time isn’t saved by neglecting the fundamental elements of any campaign, like landing pages.

If only there were another way. Perhaps a system that helped create landing pages without requiring the assistance of designers, developers or even the IT team. Maybe it would even automatically detect your site’s design and format landing pages automatically to perfectly match your branding…

It’s time to meet the dotMailer Site Builder tool!

As the more astute among you will have realised, here at dotMailer we strive to make it as easy as possible to get the very best results from your email marketing.

This means helping you with everything from signups (whether on blogs, Facebook or your website) to mailing lists, segmentation, personalisation and, finally, gearing your site for the hoards of recipients that will click through from your message.

This latter aim is where the Site Builder tool was born, back in 2009, and it has been one of our most used functions ever since.

Ex-site-ing features

Have you ever seen a site that sucked? At dotMailer, we help turn the tables with our SiteSucker tool, a nifty gadget that will take any page you hold copyright for and instantly create a landing page based on it.

We guarantee that the sight of a site sucked by SiteSucker onsite at your site will be an oft-cited sight for sore eyes!

We have also further enhanced this functionality more recently under another guise ‘CopyKat’ in our new dotSurvey tool. We are due to launch this in Alpha any day now. We are looking for test pilots as ever, if you are interested let us know. We will make sure the great tech created by one of our development teams for a specific product is made available to the others too

It all adds up

The tool lets you create up to five microsites at a time, enough for even the most fervent split-tester. It’ll also accommodate as many or as few pages as you want in each, matched perfectly to your established corporate styling.

Your trusty sitekick

Ultimately, Site Builder is another dotMailer feature that puts control back into marketers’ hands. Forget the risk of flakey, deadline-skirting landing pages and look forward to ones that really do the job they were intended to do.

A Must See!

Speak to your account manager about arranging a demo where we:

  • Build a data capture form for you
  • Show how the data collected is automatically appended to the email record you hold
  • How we create a microsite for you that is an exact copy of your corporate website
  • Place our data capture (survey, customer feedback, competition) form on your brand site


It only takes a couple of minutes to set all of this up!! logo

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