SeeAbility: Building A Website That Converts

We work with a broad range of brands through our dotAgency division and we’re always acutely aware of the different audiences they’re trying to reach and the different needs and expectations a site therefore needs to have. But sometimes, there are certain requests that come up again and again regardless of the site’s genre.

For example, we’ve just launched a new site for a charity called SeeAbility. During the process we discovered a common demand highlighted by many of the businesses we work with. In this case, they were keen to produce a site that immediately stood out as modern and up-to-date, impressing the visitor and encouraging them to stick around.

How do you use design to keep solid meaningful goals and conversions at the heart of a redesign? Let’s look at some examples!

One of the most important aspects of the new site was the brand new design for the “Senses Gift of Discovery” section, where the visitor can purchase experiences for the charity’s beneficiaries. Here, visitors needed to be able to quickly understand the concept of the project, identify the options on offer and complete a purchase. But more than that, they need to be able to do it with ease and in style.

Lastly, there’s the newly redesigned careers area. Once you’re attracting the right people to your site and have made a good impression, it’s a great opportunity to bring them in one step further. The new format makes this as easy, appealing and accessible as possible.

We see these new designs as the start of a series of positive enhancements to the site. They will help propel the development of the site forward and will allow us to work on optimising and designing new site sections that will benefit SeeAbility visitors even more in the future.

The Process

As a rule, there are three elements we always keep in mind during this process: traffic, conversion and retention. Optimising search helps with the first of these, improving design supplements the second and finally, a strong strategy around email marketing is the key to aquiring  and retaining customers.

The scoping sessions we regularly run help get everyone on the same page in understanding what a client is trying to achieve and what digital strategy is needed to achieve this.

More examples of this to come in the near future… logo

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