The DotMailer Spotify List

Music’s great isn’t it? All it takes is one verse of Livin’ La Vida Loca to instantly transform your mood and the rest of your day…

And in our information-fueled world, it’s easier than ever to share and collaborate when it comes to music. Using combined effort to find the very best tunes to accompany any task or add a musical backdrop to any scenario.

This is where we think we can help…

Meet the dotMailer “music to email by” Spotify playlist!

Many of the people reading this blog will have email marketing in common. So we’ve put together a collaborative Spotify playlist, which can be edited by anyone, so that together, we can make the ultimate email marketing playlist.

We’re also currently putting together a new telephone system to make sure your calls are routed to the appropriate teams and accounts more quickly than ever. We’ve had plenty of comments over the years on our choice of tunes so now it’s your opportunity to override our choices and put together your perfect playlist.

One of the things that makes us different is that, unlike many other service providers, you can get hold of us on the phone. We’re happy to be extending this one step further to become the only provider who gives you input into the music you can listen to while you wait. Fire up Spotify on your desktop and get ready to sing along.

We’ve put a few thematically appropriate tracks in to get you started – now let’s see what you can do! There might even be a prize for the best contributor…

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