To Infinity And Beyond

We don’t stop once a site has been launched. New features, iterations, small changes and big ones, we continue to work with all our clients to improve their site’s conversion rates, average order values and repeat business. It’s all part of the service.

We don’t let an opportunity walk on by to improve a site and that’s just what we’ve done recently with Woop Studios.

Woop Studios launched their online site in November last year to sell limited edition prints around your favourite design, animal, word or a letter.

As well as introducing elements like free shipping, the dotCommerce team have recently added an infinity scroll to the limited edition prints category.

The limited edition prints are the largest category and is an image heavy page.  40 rows are currently in existence on this page with over 160 products. By using the infinity scroll, Woop Studios can display all these products, and more, in a user-friendly manner.

The product images that are within a user’s screen automatically load. All other images load upon coming into view when a user scrolls. This is is much more efficient both for customers and Woop Studios. The images about to come into view load quickly providing the user with an optimum browsing experience.

You can check out the infinity scroll in action at Woop Studios. logo

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